Happy to announce that I've received the prestigious assignment to shape a new park in Gothenburg. It's gonna be called Rättvisans Park [Garden of Justice] and will open to the public in the spring of 2019.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Peter Wenzel

14 MAY – 26 AUG 2018
Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
In Dialogue / group exhibition

JAN 25 - MARCH 24, 2018
AGSM/ Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Canada
In Dialogue / group exhibition

Opening Reception and durational performance: January 25, 7:30PM (link)


NOV 9 2017
Kulturrådet ÅRSKONFERANSEN 2017 SAMISK VREDE / Arts Council Norway
Samisk vrede
Concept / Theme / Visual profile / Video / Totes / Give Aways / Posters

Program and videos at Kulturradet.no (link)
Report at Kunstkritikk (link)


OCT 13 2017 – OCT 29 2017
Southbank Centre London
Notes on Hide (link)

Exhibition is part of London Literature Festival (link)


SEP 6 – OCT 7, 2017
Art Museum U Toronto
In Dialogue (link)

“In Dialogue” is an exhibition structured as a conversation. Each piece, from sculpture to installations to new media, invites viewers into intimate discussions that work through new ways of understanding and being Indigenous in contemporary contexts. Moving from spaces of contemplation and reception, to moments of excitement and animation, each artist blurs borders drawn with invented notions of authenticity and guide us through negotiations between the specificity of personhood and its abstraction into larger groups of belonging. This gathering of work embraces the wildly individualistic tumble of connections and contradictions that constitute contemporary Indigenous identities, opening a dialogue between artists, audiences, and the interconnected mesh-works woven between all our relations.

Featured Artists:
Raymond Boisjoly (Haida and Québécois), Raven Davis (Anishinaabe), David Garneau (Métis), Carola Grahn (Sámi), Native Art Department International, (Maria Hupfield [Anishinaabe] and Jason Lujan [Chiricahua Apache and Indigenous Mexican]), Nicole Kelly Westman (Métis), Tanya Lukin-Linklater (Alutiiq), Amy Malbeuf (Métis), Nadia Myre (Algonquin), Peter Morin (Tahltan), and Krista Belle Stewart (Okanagan)

Curated by John G. Hampton (Chickasaw/Canadian)
Coproduced by the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Carleton University Art Gallery

Conversations in Wood by Carola Grahn

OCT 2017
Essay for Afterall Magazine Issue 44 (okt 2017)

"...Carola Grahn notes that ‘far away depends on where you start’, as this already ‘assumes a centre and a periphery’. Her contribution is a call for Sami art to also find a way to address the familiar and the everyday by emerging from the trappings of the exotic and manufactured margins..."
– Candice Hopkins


JUNE 1 – SEP 3, 2017
Kunsthall Trondheim
noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning [something is slowly moving in a different direction] (link)

Review Mousse Magazine (link)

noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning [something is slowly moving in a different direction] is an exhibition presenting five young Sami artists together with one of the most influential and well known—Iver Jåks (1932–2007).

Iver Jåks thought of his art works as in constant processçthey are meant to ultimately fall apart, disintegrate and be gone—subject to the same processes, which forms the foundations for the rest of our lives. The small sculptural works in wood, reindeer horn or stone can be installed in different ways. There is never just one perfect choice, not a fixed point of view—he allowed other persons, situations and circumstances like weather into his process. The work of the hand is always at the core, the connection to context, nature and the human always central. Iver Jåks oeuvre was one of transformation. Thus, his works always point to the possibility of change, of something new emerging. It´s the past and the now that carries this openness within them.

MAY 2017
Guest editor
Samisk Vrede [Sami Rage] (link)
Carola Grahn and Sigbjörn Skåden

“Med temat Samisk vrede visar vi på hur samisk konst, kultur och berättande osar av vrede och skildringar av psykisk ohälsa och missförhållanden. Jan-Erik Lundström ger en överblick av samtidskonsten, Katarina Kielatis berättar personligt i bilder och Ánne Márjá Guttorm och Neeta Inari Jääskö diskuterar svårigheterna med definieringen av samisk tillhörighet i Finland. Vi har försökt undvika att i allt för stor utsträckning recitera meningsskiljaktigheterna om naturresurser, renskötsel och vargjakt som många redan känner till. Istället erbjuder vi en kontext till dem. Magasinet är ett utsnitt ur vår värld i denna tid och del av den kraft och kreativitet som, likt konfetti, just nu skjuter ut ur Sápmi.”

Get your copy at: Hjarnstorm.se (link)

Cover photo: Sara Lovisa Margareta Parkman


APRIL 20–21, 2017
Web Intervension at Office of Contemporary Art Norway
48 h In(digenous) Space

"The OCA website will be overruled by artist Carola Grahn's web piece 48h In(digenous) space during the symposium 'Museums on Fire!' taking place at OCA, Oslo, starting from 20 April at 12:00." OCA

About Museums on Fire (link)

Speakers: Clementine Deliss, Carola Grahn, Geir Tore Holm, Anna Hudson, Eva Dagny Johansen, Jonathan Jones, Duane Linklater, Catalina Lozano, Gerald McMaster and Anne May Olli.
Scenography: Anders Sunna
Artists’ interventions: Raven Chacon, Carola Grahn
Screenings of works: Geir Tore Holm, Jonathan Jones and Duane Linklater.

Curated by Katya García-Antón, with Antonio Cataldo.

Work can still be viewed here (link)


APRIL, 2017
Happy to announce that I am one of the receivers of Byggnads Kulturstipendium 2017! Thank you Stefan Löfven ;)

Receivers and motivations 2017 (link)


2017/ New Year New Challenges!

Back in New York City from a long time stay in Sápmi, Sweden, with the long dark days and star bright nights (there's hardly any sunlight in my hometown Jokkmokk in December), I am now back in my studio in Brooklyn, making plans for the new year. Looks like it's gonna be some fun! More details will come, so far it looks like a lot of Norway, which makes me very excited since I'm hooked on SKAM series and believe I almost know how to speak Norwegian now.

FEB / Tråante / Trondheim, NORWAY
APRIL / Museums on Fire, Oslo, NORWAY
JUNE – AUG / Kunsthall Trondheim, NORWAY
SEPTEMBER / Art Museum at the University of Toronto, CANADA

AUGUST 16–27 2016 / Salón International de Arte Indígena Manuel Quentín Lame / Popayán, COLOMBIA

Participating in Salón International de Arte Indígena Manuel Quentín Lame, Popayán, Colombia. All welcome!

JULY 27–30 2016 / Sieidivárre / Markomeannu Sámi Festival / Evenes, NORWAY

JUNE 12 – AUG 21 2016 / ART II BIENNALE: Poetics of the Material / Kauppila FINLAND

"Poetics of the material

Sámi culture is often seen and interpreted as being close to nature. In Sámi artistry, this closeness is most commonly apparent in the duodji tradition, in which delicate Sámi handicraft combines function and art.

Many contemporary Sámi artists—including younger generations—are familiar with duodji’s focus on understanding the possibilities of materials, but also view it as a means to communicate with global culture and raise global questions.

In 2016, we can observe both a romantic longing for nature and a desire to live in contact with natural resources and relate more closely to the natural environment. Even in southern Scandinavia, Sámi often retain a deep relationship with the land of their ancestors and feel strongly about the poetics of traditional Sámi life. This begs the question, ‘Are Sámi artists naturally closer to the language of environmental art because of Sámi traditions and values?’

Environmental art opens our eyes to new perspectives on our common world and to ways of reinventing and re-experiencing that world. It can offer a fresh experience of Ii as a place. Artists are chosen for the Ii biennale on the basis of the connection described, using their relation to traditional Sámi livelihoods as a reference point. The biennale asks, ‘Can we observe a link between environmental art and the traditional Sámi use of natural materials?’

The 2016 Ii Biennale aims to create new suggestions for how traditional livelihoods and Sámi identities can be understood in modern global economical and political surroundings. We hope to explore and suggest new forms and channels of Sámi art."
– Curators Marja Helander and Maria Therese Stephansen

My Name is Nature will be shown permanently in the Sculpture park in Kauppilla

More info at ART II (click).


JUNE 6 – SEP 25 / One as Another / Havremagasinet / Boden, SWEDEN

"The expansion of our horizons always involves an encounter with another being. In those encounters we can choose to remain distant and build a wall against new and foreign influences, or we can be open and allow ourselves to be addressed, to be moved, to be prompted to act and to vacate the self-sufficient “I” as a kind of possession. In either case, encounters do not leave us unaffected; every encounter imprints in ourselves a fragment of the other.

Through the work of contemporary artists of different origins, the exhibition One as Another explores how we are woven into each other in solidarity, joy, sorrow, aspirations, illusions, curiosity, hope, and fear. The works in the exhibition openly acknowledge the effects of cultural encounters, privileging mixing and blending over segregation, recognizing influences and exchanges before any pretention of pure origin. Such coexistence of beliefs and perspectives, most often converging, meeting and mixing rather than remaining separated or in opposition, propose a center space, a common ground where we recognize, despite all the differences that remain, all the multitudes that we celebrate, that, nonetheless, one is like another."

–Curator Mariangela Méndez

Participating Artists:
Benvenuto Chavajay, Nicolás Consuegra, Carola Grahn, Ana González, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Dylan Miner, Sandra Monterroso, Delcy Morelos, Joar Nango, Mattias Olofsson, Edinson Quiñones, Liliana Sánchez, Pablo Sigg, Eduardo Soriano.

JULY 23rd – 25th 2015 / Márkomeannu / Norway

Commissioned work for the Sámi music and arts festival Márkomeannu in Evenes, Norway: Sami Rage.

"Bak årets bestillingsverk står kunstneren Carola Grahn fra svensk side av Sápmi. Verket er
et spesialdesignet kamuflasjemønster som heter Samisk Vrede. Mønsteret er utgangspunkt
for en flagginstallasjon på festivalområdet og designet på årets festivalarmbånd. På det viset
bærer alle festivaldeltagere Samisk Vrede. Samisk Vrede er en analogi til begrepet Black Rage, som ble til i USA da psykiaterne William H. Grier og Price M. Cobbs ga ut boka Black Rage på slutten av 60-tallet. Boka beskriver psykisk uhelse blant mørkhudede personer i USA. Den handler om psykologisk stress som et resultat av strukturell diskriminering, og med konsekvenser som sinne, desperasjon og konflikt.

Ved å skape en parallell til begrepet vil Grahn synliggjøre den psykologiske dimensjonen av
sinnet som finnes blant mange samer i dag og som uttrykkes av kunstnere, artister og aktiv-
ister i Sápmi. Sinnet som en konsekvens av en normalisert undertrykkelse og som del av et
selvbilde og en identitet." -Márkomeannu

More info at Márkomeannu.no (click).

MAY 12th / Artist talk / Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art

"Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art welcomes you to an artist talk with Carola Grahn (SWE). Grahn has been invited to Tromsø by Small Projects. Alongside her artist talk, she will have a solo exhibition opening May 15th at Small Projects."

MAY 15th – JUNE 1st / Horizon of Me(aning) / Small Projects / Tromsö Norway

Solo show at Small Projects. Opening 7 PM, May 15th.

"For her first solo exhibition in Norway, Carola Grahn has invited individuals throughout the week to spend an hour with her in the gallery talking and working. The “working” has been the act of stacking wood. The chopped wood connects both to nature and to labour- which has been a focus within her practice more recently. She also perceives the activity as a way to investigate and play with the idea of physical labour as an embodiment of psychological work – or – as a tool for creating a different kind of sharing and carrying of each other’s inner affliction by working together. The intimate dialogues have focused primarily on local indigenous politics and the specific conditions of being Sami today.

Carola Grahn (b. 1982) comes from Jokkmokk and lives and works in Stockholm. Her practice explores feelings and desires of the forbidden, vindictiveness, contempt or alienation through a combination of text, installation, sound and photography. Strong emotional responses are often a point of departure as her work examines social relations in an attempt to understand given roles and behaviour, in the play between individual identity and society." – SP

More info at Small Projects (click).

MAY 23rd – AUG 9th / Becoming by Recalling / Passagen Konsthall / Linköping

The exhibition Becoming by Recalling combines identity issues with new discussions on cultural heritage. A society´s history, norms and communal understandings can sometimes come across as natural and eternal, but there is every reason to rethink and to reflect on the origins of these ideas. Those in power, museums, schools and other institutions constantly shape our perception of past times. In this way, the past is fixed in a continuous current, whose direction varies depending on the present.

Over time people have made active choices about which stories to include in the general history of Sweden, for example. They didn’t necessarily share the values and knowledge we have now and above all, they never met such a diverse mix of identities that exist in our society today. If our cultural heritage can be modified, enriched and have a broader variety of experiences represented, we might get a more colourful palette to use when creating or recreating ourselves?

Participating artists: Roxy Farhat (1984, Iran/Sweden), Silje Figenschou Thorensen (1978, Norway), Carola Grahn (1982, Sweden), Sasha Huber (1975, Switzerland/Finland), Sofia Hultin (1982, Sweden), Ingela Ihrman (1985, Sweden), Martin Karlsson Tebus (1976, Sweden), David Larsson (1981, Sweden), Elin Magnusson (1982, Sweden), Mykola Rydnyi (1985, Ukraine), This is Sweden, Ana och Pablo Londono (1982 och 1980, Colombia/Sweden), Mattias Åkeson (1970, Sweden)

Curator Susanne Ewerlöf.
More info at FB event (click).


MAR 30th / Artist talk / Galleri Syster / Luleå

19.00 Welcome.

FEB / Part of Contemporary Sami Art and Design / Arvinius+Orfeus Publishing

"Contemporary Sami Art and Design presents a selection of the most innovative contemporary artists and designers working in Sápmi region today. The book was initiated by Vanessa Sahlman and authored by Jan-Erik Lundström, with an essay by Hanna Horsberg Hansen."

The book will shorly be available for sale in the Nordic countries, Europe, USA and Asia.
Cover photo: Marja Helander


JAN 2015 / In conversation with Leah Thomason Bromberg

Read it at The Costal Post (click)

NOV 3rd – DEC 13th / “In Kind” Negotiations Thematic residence / The Banff Centre / Canada

“In the city, she was homesick for those first evenings on the prairie when, long ago, she had been homesick for the city.” Jorge Luis Borges, ”The Etnograoher” (1969)

Where we were is no longer where we are, and where we will be is not yet.

Raymond Boisjoly will facilitate a residency for artists interested in what it means to question “in kind.” This program will offer artists the opportunity to discuss, explore, and understand the questions informing the practices of their fellow participants in proximity to their own concerns.

“In Kind” Negotiations will draw upon diverse perspectives, our own as well as those of others, to consider the idea that there is no particular way things are supposed to have been. From this position, we may begin to articulate current circumstances in order to situate our work as a strategic negotiation of a world in process. In anticipation of a present that will not always be our own, our questioning provides a provisional path outside and beyond things as they are now.

Faculty: Raymond Boisjoly, Arnold Joseph Kemp, Joar Nango

Big thanks to The Banff Centre, Mr. and Mrs. Wiswell and Iaspis for making it possible by donating supporting grants.

NOV / Received Iaspis International exchange grant.

NOV 13th – 16th / ART EDITION 2014
Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center / South Korea

See my work at Art Edition 2014 in Seoul (click).


NOV 3rd – DEC 13th 2014 / Artist residence at The Banff Centre / Canada

I am excited to participate in a six week long workshop lead by Raymond Boisjoly. I'll update from there!

What's The Banff Centre? (click)

SEP 20th – 30th / The 3rd Photospectrum: Sweden / The Photographer – A Social History of Photography / Gallery Jinsun / Seoul, South Korea

Opening Fri 19th, 17–20
Gallery Jinsun, 161 Palpan-dong, Jongno-gu

Curator: Sookyong Hue
Artists: Oscar Furbacken, Sonia Hedstrand, Carola Grahn, Björn Larsson, Leontine Arvidsson and Isabell Fogelklou


SEP 13th / I ärlighetens namn [In all honesty] / Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm

Saturday 13th at 17–00
An evening about politics and art on the occasion of the general election.

Participating artists: Linnea Lindh, Casia Bromberg, Carola Grahn, Gustav Almestål, Zafir Vrba, Tomas Woodski, Shaoun Charkraborty, Nina Alling, Klara Källström + Tobias Fäldt, Frida Klingberg, Folkbildningsterror, Shiva Anousirvani, Ays Alayat, Francine Agboudjalau, DEKON/REKON, Felix Swahn

See Facebook event for program and more info.

MAY 26th – SEP 7th / VIDDERNA ROPA / Bildmuseet / Umeå
Tue 11–20
Wed–Sun 11–18


" Carola Grahn's site-specific sound installation Vidderna ropa [A cry from the expanses] marks the Sami presence in the landscape. The title alludes to a conception of nature as our collective awareness, and an idea that when people do not speak about hard times, the expanses cry out their truths.

This natural environment has taken over the terrace outside of Bildmuseet. There stands a dying pine, and from speakers a sound piece of melancholy yoik, a thundering reindeer herd and the barking of dogs are heard. The visitor is invited to come and rest and contemplate the place's history or their own deeply hidden memories. The sound is a 7.44 minute-long loop. "

More info at Bildmuseet (click)


MAY / Artlover :

MAY 8th / 18.15 – 19.30
Dressing Swedish #1: Samedräkten / Mångkulturellt centrum / Fittja

Panel discussion together with folk dancer and debater Lars Farago and researcher Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius. We will talk about the definition of Swedish in relation to national minorities, among other things.

"Hur drar man gränsen mellan nationella minoriteter och det majoritetssamhället definierar som svenskt? Hur hanterar institutionerna det svenska kulturarvet och vad innebär det att vara del av en nationell identitet och samtidigt särskiljas?

Visning och samtal med konstnären Carola Grahn, folkdansaren och kulturdebattören Lars Farago och Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius, forskningsledare på Mångkulturellt centrum. "

More info here.

APRIL / Großes Treffen Nordic Embassies / Berlin

In the middle of all the exiting work for my solo show at Bildmuseet in Umeå, I'm preparing a short visit to Berlin and GROSSES TREFFEN at the Nordic Embassies, where I am invited to present my portfolio to curators in Berlin.

"In its second year, Großes Treffen will once again bring together Nordic artists and renowned Berlin curators in a day long »art speed dating«. For Nordic artists – some already living in the city – ways into the Berlin art world open up, while curators are being presented with an overview over the latest vibrant art from the North. Brief encounters with an ideally long lasting effect – quite a different kind of network meeting!"

DEC / Iapsis archive

I'm proud to announce that I'm invited to be represented at the IASPIS Archive.

The Iapsis archive has become an important site for information gathering and investigations of both international and domestic artists, critics, curators and researchers. Currently, some 250 Swedish practitioners and groups, plus 150 international artists, are represented in the archive. Organized in boxes, including video tapes, DVDs, audio CDs, publications, artists’ books, folders, photographs and documentation of works, biographies and CVs.

The public is welcome to visit the library by appointment.

Maria skolgata 83, 2nd floor
Stockholm, Sweden

You will find my box in the archive by the end of this year.

OCT Wednesday 9th / 18.00–19.30 / Artist Talk at CFF

"Med utgångspunkt i pågående utställning ”to be defined” bjuder vi in till ett samtal mellan några av de medverkande konstnärerna: Carola Grahn, Paula Urbano, Greta Vocar, Sven Westerlund och Cecilia Järdemar (textverk). Moderator: Iréne Berggren"

SEP 26th – OCT 27th / to be defined / CFF – Centrum för Fotografi

Opening hours: Wed–Fri 12–18, Sat–Sun 12–16

Utställningen "to be defined” vill utifrån ett maktanalytiskt perspektiv undersöka och belysa hur normer, i allt ifrån mått och enheter till föreställningar om hur man ska leva sitt liv, definiera vad som utgör en människas identitet. Går det alls att slå fast? Vilka uttryck tar sig människans beroende av att förstå sin identitet och hur påverkar det våra olika förutsättningar i tillvaron.

Konstnärerna som genom erfarenheter och bakgrund kommit att fördjupa dessa frågor visar med allvar och humor, påståenden som inte nödvändigtvis särskiljer det som är sant eller falskt.

Allt det som utgör en grund för våra tankar, förväntningar och farhågor om vilka vi är. Varifrån vi kommer, vad som formar oss och hur vi ser andra. Med föreställningar om vad som kan var möjligt att påverka, förändra och få insyn i genom verken som är både personliga och politiska, fakta och fiktion. Verk som ger en mångfald av reflektioner utifrån kön, genus och klass. Frågor om den andre och om en själv.

Medverkande fotografer: Aida Chehrehgosha, Carola Grahn, Greta Vocar, Paula Urbano, Roxy Farhat och Sven Westerlund.

SEP Thursday 26th / 17.00–20.00 / Opening at Centrum för Fotografi

to be defined
Aida Chehrehgosha, Carola Grahn, Greta Vocar, Paula Urbano, Roxy Farhat

Adress: Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm
Exhibition will go on until October 27th. Hope to see you there.

AUG Friday 16th / 15.00 / MALMÖ KONSTHALL

Lo and I will read and chat around our book LO & PROFESSORN at Malmö Konsthall this Friday starting at 15.00 and going on until it is finished or the venue closes.
Drop in listening – all welcome!

SEP 2013: CFF - Centrum för Fotografi
I am participating in a show att CFF in September, more info will come!

May 30th 19.00: FOXHOLE #7 at Minibar

The 7th foxhole approaches. foxhole meetings aspire to assist independent curators and self-organized entities; the project is interested in creating and supporting its own safe zone or “foxhole” of self-sufficiency in Stockholm.

Curator Elina Suoyrjö and artist Carola Grahn will present and discuss their practices and previous collaborations.

May 23rd – June 9th: Kungl. Konsthögskolans Spring show
Graduating students from Master and Bachelor program is exhibiting. My work will be shown on the top flor. Opening May 23 at 15-20 Welcome!

Adress: Campus Konradsberg, Kungsholmen, Biblioteksbyggnaden Ellen Key, Konradsbergsgatan 7b. T: Thorildsplan, about 5 minutes walk. Direction Konradsberg campus/Lärarhögskolan, there will be signs.

More info at: Kungl. Konsthögskolans vårutställningar

May 2014! I am happy to inform you that I will have a solo show at Bildmuseet in Umeå during Kulturhuvudstadsåret 2014. My show will open in May 2014 and will be up during the hole summer, hurray!

May 3rd, 17–21, Malmö Konsthall: Welcome to Opening of 24 Spaces - A Cacophony

May 4th – Aug 18th 2013
Malmö Konsthall: 24 Spaces - A Cacophony
Part of Malmö Nordic 2013

Malmö Konsthall wants to use the exhibition 24 Spaces to present a number of non-commercial artist- or curator-driven activities. This is an attempt to use the Nordic region as a starting point to examine various alternative exhibition spaces. We have also invited Sweden’s four post-secondary art education institutions plus the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts to participate in order to showcase the diversity of their styles, their similarities and differences. We intend to highlight all the diverse artistic forms of expression which are currently being created or exhibited in the Nordic region and our geographic vicinity. (...)

The Royal Institute of Art exhibits an office at 24 SPACES – A Cacophony. 24 artists from the graduating Master class of Royal Institute of Art are exhibiting in the office. There are permanent works such as paintings, videos, fax machine and artist books. Throughout the summer The Office will host events such as meetings, lectures, workshops and performances.

More info at:
Kungl. Konsthögskolan at Malmö Konsthall


April 4th: Galleri Kontrast. Giving a talk at the event Platta Skatan.
I will make a short introduction to my artistry and talk about how I work with social critique and power structures. Jenny Morelli (writer) and Martin von Krogh (photographer) will also talk on the subject of power.

Gallery and bar open from 18.00. My talk at 18.30.

March 23rd – 31st: Welcome to my Master degree solo show + Book release
Open: Mon to Fri 12.00 – 18.00 / Sat – Sun 12.00– 17.00 / Galleri Mejan / Exercisplan 3

Mars 9th 2013, 14.00–15.15
Tumba Bibliotek: Kultur – verktyg för förändring i jämställdhetsarbetet

Vad kan kulturen bidra med för att skapa förändring? Hur jobbar olika kulturinstitutioner idag med jämställdhet och feminism? Finns det plats för systemkritik eller har kulturen blivit underhållning?

Medverkande: Carolina Frände (Chef och konstnärlig ledare Stadsteatern Skärholmen) , Peter Björkman (Biblioteken i Botkyrka), Bim Eriksson (S, ordf. i Konstrådet) Carola Grahn (Konstnär) och Anna Herdy (V)

Feb 6th 2013, 18.00: Jag håller högtidstalet för Stockholms sameförening på Kulturhuset. Sedan konsert med Niko Valkeapää.

Sneak peek of my book at Centrum för Fotografi (CFF)!

Oct 25th 2012, 18.00: An evening about Photography and Research

From 18.00 it is possible to view examples from two research projects relating to photography. I am doing a reeding of a chapter from my upcoming book, it is part of the research project The Photographer – A Social History of Photography. At 19.00 the projects will be presented by the participants, followed by a discussion moderated by Niclas Östlind (Curator and PhD-student at Academy Valand).

More info at page 27 in the program for Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week


New time for Native Moving Images at Konstnärshuset!

Oct 6th 2012
12.00 – 16.00
Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm

Open Oct 6th – 10th
11.00 – 18.00

Very welcome!

Sep 22nd – Oct 21st 2012
Showing at Fittja Open

The work is presented in cooperation with Fittja Secret Women's Society and it is called Utrop till Fittja [Outcall to Fittja] and consists of a short exclamation painted on the asphalt amidst the tall buildings in Fittja. The exclamation relates to conversations I had with young women in Fittja on young women's relations to public space in Fittja.

Map to the artworks here.
Utrop till Fittja at nb 9.